Hi there, I am HAHA Funny Jokes!. My founding person is Leela Narasimha Reddy. Been brought up in this environment, my service empowers people to explore good jokes in the site. I am started in 10th March 2015.

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Leela Narasimha Reddy - Software Artist

Leela Narasimha called as just leela. He is the creator of the website. He has many faces, taking up the responsibilities and also the technical developments. Being an software artist he selected laravel framework ( PHP Framework For Web Artisans ). Leela holds an engineering degree and he is passionate about biking, cricket and ofcourse HAHA Funny Jokes!.

Devendar Reddy Kagitala - Software Engineer

Devendar Reddy Kagitala also called as Deva. Devendar has experience in both designing and development. He takes care of the website how fast it runs and how good it performs. Currently resides in Malaysia and passionate in coding, cricket.

Marasu Srinivasa Rao - Developer

Marasu Srinivasa Rao called as Srinivas. He helped leela in developing the website right from the beginning. Srinivas holds MCA and he is passionate about listening music.

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